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Construction and mining projects will usually require mobilisation and housing for business personnel and sub contractors. This can be a logistical nightmare not to mention time consuming to train staff in this field, there is also experience and industry knowledge required to effectively manage this process. Here’s how CQ Executive Properties can assist you through our consulting services division.

Consulting Services Checklist

  • CQ Executive Properties can give you the edge for your next project by providing the following services:
  • Manage and maintain mobilisation systems and registers
  • Coordinating personnel and subcontractor mobilisations to and from site
  • Reviewing the mobilisation process for the project including responsibilities for all stakeholders
  • Collating and verifying employee documentation
  • Processing all mobilisation requests in a timely and effective manor
  • Arranging relevant training, VOC’s and inductions
  • Arranging pre-mobilisation requirements including PPE, flights and accommodation
  • Coordinating training requirements for all mobilisation personnel
  • Assisting with capturing required training records for staff, workforce and subcontractors
  • ERMS reporting as required
  • Ensuring PPE and mobilisation training related accounts and invoices are paid in line with contractual obligations
  • Facilitating subcontractor mobilisation meetingsconsulting services
  • Providing regular support and assistance to subcontractor personnel
  • Ensuring the site administration & HR team is well informed of all subcontractor movements and rosters
  • Manage and maintain budgets in coordination with project policies
  • Acquire appropriate accommodation for and on behalf of a company if required
  • Connection of any utilities as necessary
  • Manage maintenance contractors as required

Speak with Sonya today about the consulting services options available to you. A team member can take you through each step of the process. Our consultancy management rates are very affordable and the service is excellent.

The consulting services division is available Monday to Friday.

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