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Gladstone Property Service

gladstone propertyAs a full service agency we have the staff, knowledge and resources to handle most requests, including sales contracts, tenancy agreements, multiple property portfolios and more. We invite you to visit our office or call one of our team members to discuss our Gladstone Property Services.

  • Provide full, unparalleled property management
  • Conduct property appraisals with a comparative market analysis report (also conducted at periodic inspections)P
  • Provide comprehensive inspection reports with photos
  • Show vacant properties to prospective tenants
  • Complete comprehensive tenant checks to secure quality tenants for your rental property
  • Co-ordinate all maintenance
  • Oversee all renovation management
  • Co-ordinate quantity surveyor reports in order to maximise your tax claims
  • Remit rental money without hassle or surprises
  • Create free, annual financial reports
  • Actively promote and market properties in the local newspaper and on our website
  • Keep landlords fully informed of all situations with open communication at all times
  • Exercise due care, skill and diligence in the performance of all duties.
  • Provide annual comprehensive financial reports and property reviews, ensuring all investments are performing to their full potential.

A Gladstone Property Service team member will look after your needs when you next call.

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