CQ Executive Properties utilises technology with cutting-edge systems to conduct business online, not from a suburban office. Receipted payments will be transacted via proven and reliable online banking procedures. Ongoing communication with your tenants, and with you, may be facilitated via this website and of course, via email, phone or in-person. All procedures will be fully compliant with Office of Fair Trading requirements. Additionally, as a licensed member of REIQ, you can be assured that I am accountable for conducting all business within the ethical bounds of REIQ’s Standards of Business Practice. This is a management option for smart investors who know that the bottom line depends as much on your choice of property manager as it does on your choice of asset. A pro-active approach to maximising the returns from your investment properties will help you achieve your goals.

Meeting The Criteria For Selection

• The property should be located in the Gladstone and Calliope area or no more than 20km from the city.
• The property must be in an excellent state of repair and be compliant with all electrical and health and safety standards. This includes smoke alarms.
• The property must be able to reflect a well maintained nature.
• The client must always be agreeable to maintaining the property to a reasonable standard.
• The client must be willing to entrust full management rights to CQ Executive Properties.

What You Need To Supply

• Evidence of ownership.
• Proof of current public liability insurance
• Latest rates notice
• Confirmation of last smoke alarm inspection

Other Considerations

• Are you willing to comply with all requirements necessary as stated on the lessor’s agreement under the law?
• Will you be willing to do an annual pest spray?

Tips for Landlords

To change managing agents for any reason, the law entitles you to give written notice to end an agent’s appointment. Timeframes of notice may vary depending on what is stated in your PO Form6 signed with your current managing agent.

If it is not stated, then 30 days written notice is required. If a change to the agreement was made, this would be the notice period. Are you also aware that doing so would not end or alter the existing tenancy agreement with the tenants?

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