Renting in Gladstone and Calliope surrounds

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Renting in Gladstone and Calliope

renting in gladstoneThere are an array of quality executive properties suitable for single and dual occupancy in the Gladstone and Calliope region. We can assist you with townhouses, units, apartments, homes and even acreage.

Renting in Gladstone can be quite affordable now that the mining boom bubble has slowed down. Housing options are good and so to are the rent rates.

Finding and applying for a rental property

Great tenants are extremely valued. To ensure you are successful in your application for your preferred home, the following information may be of assistance.

All available rental properties will be advertised on and Properties are shown by appointment only.

CQ Executive Properties aims to make your tenancy a more personalised experience from the start.

If you decide you would like to rent the property, an application form will be provided to you at the inspection. Please be sure to fill in all relevant details on the application form and provide supporting evidence that can be verified. Doing so will ensure your best chance of success. Email your completed application to me as quickly as possible.

You will receive an answer on your application within 48 hours, subject to being able to contact your references. For more information, please see the FAQ’s.

During your tenancy

Under tenancy legislation, tenants have rights and responsibilities. As a guide, during the tenancy your key obligations will be:

  • paying your rent in advance
  • paying for water charges if applicable
  • keeping the property clean and undamaged
  • reporting any maintenance issues promptly. There will be a maintenance form link on this website for your convenience. Urgent matters should be phoned through instead.
  • allowing lawful entry (for an allowed purpose with correct notice given)
  • seeking permission before making any changes to your tenancy (e.g. people moving in or out during a tenancy, adding a pet, etc.)
  • seeking permission before making any changes to the property (e.g. adding picture hooks or installing cabling for additional services, etc.)
  • not causing nuisance to neighbors with unreasonable or unnecessary noise
  • abiding by any Body Corporate rules if applicable
  • providing correct notice if you wish to move out