Before you apply for a property, ensure that your profile is complete and your information is up to date. Click here to learn how to edit your 1form profile.

Apply by clicking the 1form button on our rental advertisements

  • This is the most common way to apply for a rental property.
  • When this is clicked, it will take you to the online rental application in 1form and it will autofill details of the property and the property manager.

Note: Applying this way ensures the application is directed to the appropriate property manager. If you enter another email address, the correct property manager may not be notified that you have submitted your application.

Apply directly on 

  1. Log in to 1form
  2. Click Start New Application

Note: If you follow this process, you will also need to manually enter the details of the property and the property manager. Entering the incorrect property manager email address means the application will not be delivered to the correct property manager account in 1form.

Further information

  • We will send you an email to confirm you have sent your application. Click here to see how you can check your application’s status.
  • Please ensure that you keep a record of any documents that you upload to your profile or applications.
  • We keep each tenant profile, applications and attachments for at least 12 months. In order for 1form to remain current, accurate and efficient, we remove any tenant profiles, applications and attachments from 1form if they have become inactive over a long period of time or if you specifically ask for an application to be removed.