Tenant Selection

Getting the fit right

This is a snapshot of the processes we employ to find you a suitable tenant. It’s not just a matter of finding a tenant that can afford to meet their obligations. We try and meet their needs as much as the investors.

Tenant Selection is critical

Tenant selection is critical in ensuring they have the capacity to pay the rent and efficiently care for your property. Getting this wrong can influence your bottom line, so the following procedures are critical.

  • Verification procedures entail reference checking, sight evidence of ability to pay rent, checking two tenancy databases and personal interviews.
  • Pets must have excellent references for approval to be considered.
  • You can legally nominate a maximum number of tenants, ‘no pets’ and ‘no smoking inside’.
  • Whilst there are always risks involved in renting property, these can be reduced with careful tenant selection.
  • Each application will be assessed and the final business decision made in consultation with you.
  • Penalties apply if you choose or decline an application on the basis of gender, age, race, marital status, religion or parental status.

These items form part of our tenant selection process.

tenant selection

NB: Excellent tenants are highly valued and sought after.